Rent 2 Home, LLC is a professional, full service real estate solutions firm that buys and sells properties throughout the PA Capital and CA South Bay regions. We specialize in marketing and acquiring distressed homes at a significant discount and either selling them to rehabbers and developers or renovating and reselling them to retail home buyers. Founded in 2009 by Mark, Maria, and Adam Swomley, Rent 2 Home is integral to the residential redevelopment of both regions and through its business activities creates an immense economic footprint contributing to the economic rejuvenation of the neighborhoods in which we work.

At Rent 2 Home, we pride ourselves on having a strong foundation of real estate knowledge and training. Our focus is on providing SOLUTIONS for our clients and finding VALUE for our investors by locating tired, vacant homes that are eyesores and putting them back into use after renovation. Our core business lies within our systems, education and knowledge of the real estate industry.