Rent2Home offers cash for homes in the York, PA area that are in any condition, any size, and in any location in the area. But when we say that we’ll purchase a home in any condition, what do we mean?

  • Run down. If nothing has been done to your property in years, it hasn’t seen a paintbrush or new flooring in a decade or more, or if there are major cosmetic repairs that need to be done, that’s okay. We’d love to give you a cash offer!
  • Burnt out or flooded. If tragedy strikes your property and you can’t afford to or don’t want to do the necessary repairs to make it habitable again, that’s fine. We’ll give you a generous cash offer on your property.
  • Won’t pass inspection. Maybe the wiring is faulty or there is a health and safety violation that would prevent financing being approved in a traditional transaction. You can still sell your home for cash to us.

When we say we buy homes in any condition, we literally mean any condition. Rent2Home specializes in offering cash for homes in York, PA that might need a little extra attention before they go onto the market. Of course, we love to purchase homes that are in perfect condition and just need to be sold quickly, too! Get in touch with our family-owned and operated business today and we’ll help you get the cash offer you need on your property, no matter what size, condition, or location it’s in.