For decades, it was almost universally acknowledged that real estate was a good investment to make with your money. Unfortunately, the real estate crash in 2010 made some people a little more cautious of putting their money into the real estate market. Our family-owned business offers cash for homes in York, PA, working with homeowners who need to get out of their mortgages quickly. We then get those properties ready for developers or for sale on the retail housing market. We enjoy working with investors around the country who are interested in investing, rehabbing, and renovating distressed properties in the York, PA area. But is real estate a smart investment for your money these days?

The short answer is yes. Real estate offers a fairly reliable return on your investment. The biggest risk with a real estate investment is that a renter doesn’t pay their rent or the housing market goes through another decline like the one that we saw in 2010. Evictions due to nonpayment are still relatively rare, and landlords can mitigate the risk by carefully screening their potential renters and making sure they are pricing their rentals competitively for their location and amenities. As far as another housing crisis goes, new banking laws have been put in place to help prevent us from ever experiencing that kind of financial decline again. We’re not seeing the same kind of issues with the housing market that we were just before the crash, either.

Putting your money into a distressed property and rehabbing it into something special can not only give you a sizable return on your investment, it can benefit the community at large. Distressed properties can bring down the property values of the community as a whole. Providing safe, clean, and competitively priced rentals to the community can give a deserving family a home and give you a steady stream of income month after month. You’ll feel good about the difference you are making in the community by turning these run-down properties into something anyone would love to live in!

There are two things potential real estate investors will want to keep in mind:

1. Real estate investing is a business. Whether you are rehabbing a home to sell or plan on keeping the property and becoming a landlord, you need to treat your real estate investment like the business that it is. Treat it like a business and you are more likely to see a successful return.

2. Real estate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time and sometimes more of an investment than you’d expected. Don’t go into it thinking you’ll double your money in a month and get ready to do a lot of hard work. If you go into prepared with the right attitude, you’ll be ready for the realities of investing in real estate.

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