Too often today’s moms find themselves buried under piles of school papers, bills and late notices, not to mention mounds of dirty laundry and undo stress. In order to make their busy lives work, modern moms are finding that they need to run the home much like they would a business.

With a blended family of six kids, ages 17 down to 3, Susan Fidler, of North Aurora found herself so overwhelmed with family matters that she knew she needed someone to sort it all out and restore peace to her home life. That’s when she turned to Nicole Swanson, a certified family manager coach who performs family make-over segments like the ones you see on television.

Swanson was trained by Kathy Peel, who has written 18 books and has been the guest expert for shows like Oprah, and works through Peel’s Family Manger Coach Network. Peel teaches that if you run your home like a business – and become the family’s manager – the profit will be immeasurable.

Get your family involved and your success rate will more than double. Peel divides the family manager’s responsibility into seven departments as follows:

1. Home and Property:
● This will be your biggest undertaking. You will need to give everything in your home its own home.
● Systematically go through each room. Ask yourself, ‘What do I do here? Are the supplies I need housed here?’ Swanson says that if things are stored in a room in which they are used you will be more efficient. This means having duplicates of often-used items such as scissors, pens, paper, etc.
● Shop now so later you won’t have to. Ever have to run out to the store at 9:30 at night to get a poster board? Swanson says to designate an area to act as the family store and stock it well during back-to-school sales – extra glue, crayons, poster board, etc.

2. Food:

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