You gave us a call and said, “sell my Harrisburg house fast,” and we did. In fact, we sold it so fast you barely have enough time to think about moving. So here are a few packing tips to make your move as smooth and simple as it was selling your house.

You are ready to start your move, but everything you own is just sitting there, staring back at you. In a way, your stuff is silently mocking you. Packing up the things you own is a formidable task, but there are ways to make it easier. Follow these helpful tips and learn to pack with a vehemence.

Tip 1- Do not procrastinate. Though this tip seems simple enough, getting started on packing can be difficult. Start with packing a box or two, take a break them pack a few more boxes. If you start early enough, you simply pack several boxes a day and before you know it, you are ready to move.

Tip 2- Pack one room at a time. Focus on just one room at a time and don’t mix boxes from other rooms. Start with the room you use the least.

Tip 3- Label your boxes clearly. It is not enough to just label a box by the room, take note of what you packed in each box and label that as well.

Tip 4- Don’t box everything up. Keep family heirlooms and important items separate from what you need to box up. Make packing easier by deciding what does need to be boxed up and what doesn’t.

Follow these packing tips and your move will be as easy and fast as selling your home was.