If you live in York and need to sell your house fast, you simply give us a call. It is after we sell your house fast that you need to prepare to move. Now, moving is rather stressful, a job nobody really looks forward to, but there are ways to help ease the pain of moving. The best way to reduce the stresses of moving is by being as prepared as possible and organized as well. If you want to make your move as painless and easy as having us selling your house was then follow these moving tips.

If time allows, you should begin your moving preparations about eight weeks before the move date. At this point, find a notebook and begin to take some important notes. Take a tour of your home and start deciding what items you want to keep, stuff you want to throw away and items you wish to sell, donate or hand down to other family members. You need to be aggressive in this step and make sure you are thorough. Now is also the ideal time to start doing some research into moving companies. You can start by reading reviews on moving companies online or ask around for recommendations.

At seven weeks out, you need to take a trip to your local Walmart, or Target if you prefer, and stock up on all the materials you will need for you move. Your list should include tape, boxes, bubble wrap, a couple of markers and garbage bags. Do an Internet search to discover a comprehensive list of moving supplies you should have on hand when you move. If you plan on having a garage sale as a way to purge some items, now is the time to have it.

Six weeks out is when you need to notify the schools your kids attend your intentions to move. You will need to get school records and begin the process of enrollment in the school near your new residence.

At five weeks out, you need to book your moving company.

A month before you move is when you begin packing. Start with all the non-essentials, the things you won’t be needing for several weeks. Make sure you properly label each box, this helps tremendously when you unpack at your new location. This is also a good time to contact your utility and cable services to have them set things up at your new location. You want to also start the process of having your address changed at all the places you do business, like your bank, your credit card companies and so forth.

So at this point, you should have your non-essentials packed, your utilities and cable company notified, a little extra money from your garage sale and all the supplies you need for the actual move. You should also have a moving company booked at this time. Check back and we will cover the rest of the moving list.