We buy houses in York if you need to sell your house fast. We make the process simple and painless. But do you know what else we do? We give you pointers on how to reduce the stresses of moving because we want to ensure your whole moving experience is relatively stress-free.

In our last post, we were in the midst of giving you a comprehensive moving list. This is a list that you should follow to help reduce the stresses of having to move. In the first post, we covered what should be accomplished during week eight through week four before your move date. At this point, you should have all the supplies you need for your move, non-essential items packed, cable and utilities notified and a moving company secured.

Three weeks out is when you strategize your food situation. That is, it is time to start eating all the foods you don’t want to move. You will want to plan ahead so there is nothing left in your freezer by the moving date. The same tactic applies to the items in your pantry, so eat up all those cans of Spaghettios and Campbell’s soups. Now is also the time you need to make arrangements for your plants and pets as you really don’t want your moving company packing up Rover. It is also a good time to fill out the change of address form from your post office.

Two weeks out is when everything comes down to the wire. Now is when you go into a packing frenzy and box up the majority of the items in your home. Again, make sure you label your boxes. You will want to separately pack valuable items like jewelry and heirlooms and keep them in a safe place before transferring them to your new home in your own vehicle. This is now the time you want to start with the cleaning process, if you aren’t into scrubbing floors then hire a service.

One week out you need to confirm the time and date with the mover or remind those who are helping with the move of the date. You should also pack a bag of absolute necessities that you will need that won’t be going on the moving truck.

Having done all of this, moving day should be a day with little if no drama. Good luck!