Rent2Home is a family-owned company operating in the York, PA area. We buy and sell houses in York, Lancaster and beyond and we love working with people to help them with their real estate issues. We offer unique programs for both buyers and sellers:

For Home Sellers

If you are looking to sell a home in the York area, we can help. We give cash offers on properties in PA so you can get out of your home fast without waiting for financing approval, inspection, or any of those other delays. You just get the cash you need to get out of your home and move on with your life. We understand that selling your home is stressful enough, so when you need to do it quickly it can become overwhelming. Our team makes the experience a pleasant one so you can walk away feeling good about your cash offer and the process that just happened.

For Home Buyers

Ready to realize the dream of home ownership but unable to qualify for a loan from a bank? Rent2Home can help you lease a home that you love, giving you a consistent and predictable payment schedule that helps you move from a renter to a homeowner. With our Rent2Home program, people who might have otherwise been able to realize their dream of homeownership are able to move into a rehabbed property that’s perfect for them and their family.

We’re proud of the amazing programs that we offer to our customers, whether they are buying or selling. Give us a call to learn more about our programs and to get started on the one that’s right for you.