1. 👍👍👍Tips for Selling Your House with Kids 🙌🙌🙌

    Kids are messy. Learn how to make your home more appealing by minimizing your children's presence. Make your home more attractive by: Putting the toys away and keeping them out of their sight temporarily. Remove kid’s artwork. Keep them in safe place until staging is done. Check under beds and other areas where hiding toys can be. Use your car as your temporary storage Check this helpful blog fr…Read More

  2. 🔎🔎Home Inspection before Quick Cash Sale?🔍🔍

    Thinking about Selling Your House? Not Sure Where to Start? VISIT:👉👉http://www.rent2homellc.com/sell-your-home/👈👈Use this handy checklist and do you initial home inspection to help you identify the Problem areas before you Try Selling Your House: http://www.rhodylife.com/…/07/home-inspection-checklist.html If you are unsure, You can Pay for your own inspection for…Read More

  3. 💭💭Decorate on Tight Budget?? Then Sell for CASH💭💭

    You can create a great first impression even on a tight budget!!  Thinking about Selling Your House? Not Sure Where to Start? VISIT:👉👉http://www.rent2homellc.com/sell-your-home/👈👈   2 Good GREAT tips we think are the smartest & SAVE you Money: 👉1. Get your paint or supplies on Sale! This may seem like a no-brainer but you can save as much as 40% on…Read More

  4. Sell Your House FAST, NO-HASSLE for CASH and NO Closing Costs York!

    Pricing can make or BREAK a deal!! Beware of these top pricing mistakes that can drive away potential buyers: http://www.car.org/aboutus/onecoolthing/pricingmistakes/ Check us OUT TODAY for a FREE CASH Offer http://www.rent2homellc.com/sell-your-home…Read More