How this AMAZING Program Works!


Bad Credit OK

Our Rent-2-Own Program is designed to place a buyer into a home who can’t otherwise qualify for traditional financing.

Like New Condition

We offer a full spectrum of house styles and interior finishes – pick as much or as little as you like! These homes are in highly desirable neighborhoods usually making them hard to find when renting.

Immediate Move In

Move in today – Buy tomorrow.  You can move in to a very nice home quickly without waiting for a lengthy bank approval. We are very proud of our credit repair program to help you buy the home of your dreams.

Fixed Option Price

We lock the Option Price for the entire term of the lease.  YOU will get the benefits of any price appreciation. As the market appreciates, you get BUILT-IN EQUITY!

Fixed Lease Payment

We fix your lease payment for the full term of the lease. You can take your time – Up to 5 years if you’d like!!! We give you up to a 60 Month Lease and a 60 Month option to buy.

Control of Home

With a 60 month option to buy, you will be put in control of the home without the hassles of bank qualifying.